4BR Members represent familiar and diverse sectors in our business communities.

They provide products and services that we all need daily, monthly or on occasion. They are licensed in their chosen fields as required, dedicated to their profession and most importantly they choose to improve their skill sets continually.

Your needs as a consumer are as common and diverse as our members. You should know that they understand the importance of treating you like they’d like to be treated themselves. They are the best of business professionals and you should feel confident in talking with them about your wants and needs on any scale.

Chip Altman

Chip Altman
Thursdays 6:30pm - The Cheeky Monk

American Family Insurance

(303) 448-1900


Kayleen Erdman

Kayleen Erdman
Tuesdays 11:30am - Bar Louie


(701) 570-3622

Tamara Mansfield

Tamara Mansfield
Mondays 6:30pm - Double D's Sourdough Pizza

Get the Healthy Edge

(303) 720-3307


Tammy Urbach

Thursdays 6:30pm - The Cheeky Monk

CEO & President - 4BR

(720) 422-6174


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Our Members

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