Aligning your Actions with your Intentions

“Aligning your Actions with your Intentions” Development Training Series


Held at 95a Bistro & Sushi in Lafayette, CO 10am – 1pm

Advanced Registration for Non-Members is $25 or $30 at the door, plus lunch!

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Cindy Skerjanec

TRAINER: Cindy Skerjanic, Chief Strategist and Certified Professional Coach,



Positioning Your Business for Success in 2015: Your Agile Marketing Plan

Having an actionable marketing plan is as essential to your business as having a product or service to sell. When you have a product or service to sell, the next logical step is to tell people about it! That’s what marketing is all about. In this educational segment you’ll learn how to:

  1. Hone in on the target audience that will make a difference to your business this year
  2. Create goals and objectives that actually mean something to your business
  3. Develop actionable tactics that dovetail into your goals and objectives
  4. Learn how to utilize an “agile marketing” approach that will help you turn ideas into action

Come away with a solid grasp on what you need to do to generate business and grow your revenues this coming year!

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