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4BR Attendance Policy

Effective March 15, 2018

Attendance – Members are allowed three (3) absences per quarter.

Meeting Length and Tardiness – 90 minutes of which first 15 minutes is Open Networking. You are expected to be there for the entire 90 minutes. Beware of “unspoken messages”. Showing up consistently late for Open Networking tells the other members you don’t respect them, their time or the group’s time.

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Tardiness – If you are not present when the meeting starts you will be counted as absent regardless of the length of meeting attendance.

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Absences – Are to be reported via email to both the Record Keeper and Group Leader of your respective group
Holiday Weeks – There are no meetings during these holiday weeks: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the last two weeks of the year.
Meeting Cancellation – occasionally it is necessary to cancel meetings due to weather. If your meeting is cancelled you will be notified via email and text message. Generally speaking if the school district in which your group meets is cancelled due to adverse weather; your meeting will also be cancelled.
Back Up/Substitute for Absences – Highly encouraged and substitute does not have to be in the same profession
• RSVP'g for weekly meetings is expected via Meetup
Exception/Extended Absence Request – email request by member to GL,GL to forward to TM and F for consideration (request must be accompanied by recommendation of GL) **please note, a granted leave of absence does not change the annual membership dues renewal date
Trades Profession Exception – weekly attendance in chosen group is preferred, if unable to attend your group, then attendance in any other group where your trade isn’t represented weekly is suggested to avoid attendance policy violation. Report to your Record Keeper and Group Leader directly which group you’ll be attending. (RK and GL then communicate and confirm with other group’s RK and GL that attendance occurred)
- Approval of profession is required by Founder
Featured Speaker – If you are absent the week before you are scheduled to be the Featured Speaker your spot will be moved out two weeks

Attendance Policy Violation:
• Attendance –Notification email at 2nd absence (by RK, cc: GL, TM, F)
• Warning email at 3rd absence (by RK, cc: GL, TM, F)
• 90 Day Probation commences with 4th absence in quarter (by GL, cc:RK, TM, F)
• Membership termination on 4th absence during probationary period (by F, cc: RK, GL, TM)
• Waiting period should a terminated member wish to rejoin 4BR there will be a 6 month waiting period and a recommendation from the GL and TM must be submitted to F for consideration.

All information, content, process and other intellectual property are proprietary and are solely owned by 4BR and its’ subsidiaries. All rights reserved. 

Attendance is one of the most crucial aspects of the health and success of your group. I hereby acknowledge receipt of this attendance policy and agree to adhere to its’ requirements.


RK - Record Keeper, GL - Group Leader, LL - Location Leader, F - Founder

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