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4BR Business Generation and Active Participation Policy

Effective March 15, 2018

We are all in this organization for the purpose of building our business with the help of others. Maintaining membership in the group is easily attainable by following the required business generation system. You will earn points for each of the following activities.

Point System
1 point inside group referral
2 points qualified outside referral
1 point outside business completed
1 point bring guest to any group
2 points guest joins any group
1 point getting to know you meeting *
1 point supporting another member’s fundraiser or an event which supports a fellow 4BR member
1 point/quarter ongoing business with a group member
1 point/quarter participation in Mastermind Roundtable session
1 point/quarter participation in non-group 4BR training sessions
1 point/quarter participation in a non 4BR networking event
2 points/quarter group has 20 or more members
5 points/quarter perfect attendance 
1 point/quarter attending a 4BR networking event
1 point/quarter attending a 4BR social event
1 point/quarter attending the AAIDT event
2 points/quarter volunteering at a 4BR event
1 point/quarter participating in a 4BR fundraising event

TOTAL points required per quarter = 12

After 1st quarter of membership 6 of 12 points must be a result of referrals.

*Getting to Know You meetings with members from another 4BR group are allowed. You only get point credit if that member represents a category not in your own group.

It is often said that time is money. The more time we spend with our group the more we get out of it. We get to know and like you and want to share business with one another inside and outside the group.

Business Generation Record Keeping – 60 days into quarter spreadsheet for the quarter to be emailed to GL by RK

• Notification email with 5 points or less (by RK, cc: GL, LL, F)
• Probation commences for the coming quarter if 12 point requirement is not met (by GL, cc: RK, LL, F)
• Warning email with 5 points or less 60 days into probation quarter (by RK, cc: GL, LL, F)
• Membership termination if probation quarter results in less than 12 points (by F, cc: RK, GL, LL)
• Waiting period should a terminated member wish to rejoin 4BR there will be a 6 month waiting period and a recommendation from the GL and LL must be submitted to F for consideration

All information, content, process and other intellectual property are proprietary and are solely owned by 4BR and its’ subsidiaries. All rights reserved.

Business generation and active participation as a 4BR member is very important.I hereby acknowledge receipt of this business generation and active participation policy and agree to adhere to its’ requirements.


RK - Record Keeper, GL - Group Leader, LL - Location Leader, F - Founder

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