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Date(s) - 03/02/2018
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

95a Bistro & Sushi


HOST: Bill LaurientiComposed Writing & Editing Services

What old dead philosophers knew that can help you and your business:

Some of the big philosophical principles of the last 2,000 years can help you reframe how you think about your work and understand established business concepts today and how they relate to deciding what to do next– and getting it done.

Examples: The American Philosophy of pragmatism leads us to consider the important things deeply… until the point of diminishing returns. Sometimes good enough is good enough to move on until the next iteration. Eric Ries’s The Lean Startup makes great business use of the concept.

The ancient concept of the dialectic asks us to consider our problems- business or otherwise- from a position opposite our own in order to understand the limitations of our own experience and seek truths in synthesis. If you’ve read Ray Dalio’s book Principles, this starts to sound familiar: Truth matters and humility makes good business leaders.

We all follow scripts to some degree. Hundred years of thinking about empiricism (how we can understand truth) hit a wall when old (now) dead philosopher Quine pointed out that limitations of thinking that the laws we made up are laws of nature. It’s the story of paradigm shifts: Newton nailed physics… until it didn’t explain everything anymore (enter Einstein). Euclid’s geometry explained how to think about the relationships of shapes on flat planes… but what if you’re addressing shapes with no angles?

Upshot: These aren’t topics for the sake of them (that wouldn’t be very pragmatic). They lead to a much clearer understanding of how our values lead to goals that lead to well-designed systems that lead to the task lists laying on our desks and getting the most important work in front of ourselves.

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