Members Only – How to Get the Most Out of Your 4BR Membership

“How to get the MOST out of your 4BR Membership” will include topics such as:

a.   How to best use our website and it’s many features and understanding how the website promotes your business

b.   How to promote your business using our 4BR Facebook page

c.   What the 4BR Facebook group is for and when/how to use it

d.   4BR Linked In group – bet you didn’t know we had one

e.   How to plan/schedule/utilize and understand the many other benefits of being a 4BR member

f.   How to receive the 4BR communication you’re interested in and not what you’re not

g.   Group position training – what, when, why, how

h.   And more

Be sure to bring something to take notes with and remember you do need to buy lunch.

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