Professional Development Training

“Aligning your Actions with Your Intentions” Development Training. Join 4BR members, non-members and Dr. Jennifer Rada to Discover: How to Grow Your Business without Marketing to New Clients 3 Simple Strategies to Maximize Client Retention & Referrals
So You Can Get Off the Revenue Rollercoaster Once and For All “I just need more new clients!” Have you ever said this? Of course, we all have. Even the smartest entrepreneurs get stuck in the “new client trap”. The pressure of new client acquisition is HUGE for 90% of business owners, and has been the number one cause of premature business burnout, revenue rollercoaster and unattained financial potential. Until now…

Join Jennifer Rada, as she shares how to keep your clients longer and grow a rock-solid business based on referrals. You will walk away knowing:
• The 9 words you can use to easily to find out what your clients really want
• 1 Powerful diagram that will help you find a ton of referral partners asap
• My favorite 6-figure secrets to automatically driving referrals If you are a passionate entrepreneur who wants to help more people and make more money doing it…then register today – space is limited.

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