Aligning Your Actions with Your Intentions Development Training

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Business Strategies for Successful Entrepreneurs

4BR’s “Aligning your Actions with your Intentions” Development Training brings you a power packed training with Mic Helms, Mic Helms Business Development. Join us on Zoom:

Get More Leads, Close More Sales, Make More Money, and Free Up Your Time In Your Small Business! Learn the 5 key areas successful business owners focus their time and energy on to get more time, more money, and more freedom.

You’ll learn how to:
– Utilize simple, no-cost strategies that instantly add cash flow to your business
– Implement the 4-part marketing formula that doubles your monthly leads and apply it to all advertising media
– Create powerful offers that make your leads want to buy more and more often
– Leverage your leads’ decision-making process and provide the #1 thing that will convert them into customers
– Increase prices and reduce costs the right way
– STOP doing the #1 thing that’s killing your business!

About Mic:
Mic Helms has been coaching business owners since 2012, providing life coaching services since 2006, and providing professional development mentoring services since 2000.
Mic teaches business owners how to achieve three primary goals:
• More Time
• More Money
• More Freedom
Mic does this by helping business owners strategically get more customers, sell more to customers, increase revenue and profit, and optimize business operations so that the business supports the business owner instead of the other way around.
Mic coaches business owners through solving the frustrating problems that interfere with delivering the value the owner intended when starting their business. He shows owners how to transform their business by creating loyal customers that will beat down doors to buy from them – regardless of price. And he guides business owners in designing and implementing business operations that function properly and efficiently without the business owner always having to jump in to avert disaster – so the owner can finally relax!
Mic has decades of experience developing and applying best practices in:
• Aligning business strategy with vision & goals
• Mentoring corporate leadership
• Marketing, internet marketing, & advertising
• Metrics-driven management
• Customer experience optimization
• Persuasion
• Decision-making psychology
• Contract negotiations
• Business management & operations optimization
• Success mindsets
• Communications & messaging
• Quality assurance
• Strategic planning
• Budgeting & forecasting
• Project delivery management & optimization
• Turning lackluster teams into highly functional power-houses
Mic has held various roles throughout his career including:
• Entrepreneur
• Direct sales representative
• Solutions architect
• Computer programmer
• Database designer & administrator
• Web application designer & developer
• Computer hardware technician
• Test engineer
• Technology infrastructure manager
• Customer support systems manager
• Director of operations
Mic Helms is the Managing Director of Mic Helms Business Development, a Certified Virtual Coach*, a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and certified in Next Level Coaching Methodology*. *Administered by Eben Pagan

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